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IBT Qualifications is a non-regulated awarding organisation, which develops various high-quality qualifications. Though IBT Programmes are not regulated, they are guaranteed to conform to a high standard since they recognise, monitor and audit their accredited centre to ensure that they are functioning legitimately and reliably. Moreover, IBT also take vital measures to assure that all of its approved centres are provided comprehensive supports to facilitate them to provide best service possible to the learners.

IBT Qualifications is the best choice for those who are looking to partner with a high quality, professional, flexible, customer-service focused awarding organisation that recognise the needs of colleges, training providers, and employers. IBT constantly make sure that they fulfil the needs of its centres and learners by updating and reviewing their qualifications.

WHY CHOOSE IBT Qualifications?

High Quality

IBT Qualifications is committed to providing high-quality support and services to the educational sector. IBT focus on helping learners, employers, and organisations develop the essential skills for learning and employment. IBT adhere to industry standards and reflect modern professional standards. They actively involve relevant stakeholders in the development process to ensure their qualifications meet the standards of UK industries.


IBT qualifications pride on their friendly and responsive approach. Its centres have access to dedicated support for managing and expanding their portfolios. They are passionate about what they do and work closely with employers to deliver customised training and courses that align with their business strategies, cultures, and values.

Unparalleled Customer Service:

IBT qualifications value simplicity and actively listen to its qualification's providers. This ensures that learners receive an outstanding learning experience. Their procedures are designed to be as straightforward as possible and prioritise the needs and feedback of its customers.

Bespoke Qualifications

IBT recognise that standard qualifications may only meet the needs of some learners. To address this, they offer Bespoke Qualifications, allowing customers to collaborate closely with IBT Qualifications to develop customised qualifications that specifically cater to their requirements.

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