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Launched in 2003, OTHM is a renowned Awarding Organisation (Certification Body) that has established itself in the UK and global online education scene. With a user-friendly and skill-based learning focus, OTHM offers qualifications in fields such as Business Studies, Leadership, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Health and Social Care, Information Technology, Accounting and Finance, and Logistics and Supply Chain Management. OTHM's qualifications are recognised locally and internationally, enhancing graduates' employability and providing pathways to further education. By continually adapting to industry needs, OTHM aims to contribute to a highly qualified and experienced workfo

OTHM always aim to develop as an organisation that is forward-thinking in order to support professions and industry by providing excellent qualifications that contribute for a highly qualified and experienced workforce.

Quality, Standards & Recognitions

Approved and regulated by Ofqual

OTHM is an organisation authorised and regulated by Ofqual, the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation. Ofqual's responsibility is to maintain standards and confidence in qualifications in England. They oversee important educational areas such as GCSEs, A levels, vocational qualifications, and National Curriculum Assessments. OTHM's approval and regulation by Ofqual ensure their qualifications meet the necessary quality standards.

Full member of the Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB)

OTHM holds a prestigious status as a full member of the Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB). FAB serves as the trade association for vocational awarding bodies in the UK and advocates for the interests of over 110 awarding bodies. They are crucial in liaising with regulators, government departments, and funding agencies. FAB also provides valuable support, information, advice, and guidance to its members, ensuring the delivery of high-quality vocational qualifications. OTHM's membership in FAB reflects its commitment to maintaining and delivering excellence.

Academic Partnerships and Recognitions

OTHM has forged strong academic relationships in the UK and internationally through strategic collaborations. These partnerships have contributed to the global recognition of OTHM qualifications. The recognition garnered by OTHM enables their graduates to enhance their employability skills and offers them opportunities to pursue degree and Master top-up programs. OTHM's focus on academic partnerships and recognition ensures that their qualifications hold value and are widely accepted in various educational and professional contexts.

University Progressions

To support the learners' professional growth and career advancement, OTHM offers university progressions. These progressions enable individuals to further their education by seamlessly transitioning to higher levels of study. OTHM qualifications provide a pathway for graduates to join degree and Master top-up programs, empowering them to expand their knowledge and expertise. By offering university progressions, OTHM equips their learners with the necessary tools to secure a successful and fulfilling professional career.

Why Study OTHM Qualifications?

  • An OTHM qualification offers many benefits, making it an excellent choice for individuals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in business and management
  • OTHM allows you to expand your understanding of these fields, equipping you with key competencies to tackle work projects and situations more effectively. This, in turn, opens up the potential for career advancement and promotion within your workplace.
  • OTHM's curriculum balances academic rigour and practical application, ensuring learners gain the professional skills expected by global employers.
  • OTHM provides a pathway to higher education, allowing you to progress onto Bachelor's, Master's, or MBA top-up programs at universities worldwide. Compared to traditional universities, the affordability of OTHM qualifications makes them an attractive option, further enhanced by the flexibility of study options through approved delivery centres globally.
  • Completing certain OTHM qualifications offers the opportunity to become a professional member, adding recognition and credibility to your credentials.
  • Worldwide recognition and relevance of OTHM qualifications increase the potential for international career opportunities, providing a solid foundation for success in various industries and locations.

OTHM Courses

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