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BA (Hons) in Marketing

We are specialised in providing a strong base in the marketing field for students who opt for the BA (Hons) in marketing degree. Students who express their enthusiasm to hold a marketing job are given guidance and will help them to be enriched with the skills necessary for working in an international business environment. Students also have the option to take part in Dissertation workshop organised by London School of Marketing in Central London. The workshop duration which extends up to 5 days enables them to work as a team and have the facility to clear the doubts with the supervisor. They are provided with online resources and technical support that would help them to attain success in the course. Apart from this, the five-day workshop will enrich you with the knowledge and facts that provide a better understanding of the Marketing environment. You can also clear your doubts as we have a supervisor for providing technical support. The seats are limited to 24 students. They are eligible for a certificate of attendance at the end of the workshop. It is mandatory that you should choose the dissertation workshop when you decide to get admission to the Top Up course. We provide assistance, and you may feel free to talk to admissions manager for more details.

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