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How does the Blended Learning work at SBTL?

SBTL strategically and conveniently employ Blended Learning, where web-based learning using hybrid-teaching technology coupled with live workshops (classes) replaces the traditional regular classroom-based learning. The significant difference between Blended Learning and online learning at SBTL is the Block Delivery of Online Live Sessions. Learners enrolled at SBTL on Blended Learning are offered a block delivery of online live sessions which can be booked in advance on their convenience most of the time. In addition to the Online Live Sessions, students will also receive all the standard benefits offered to Online Learning students. The live sessions are provided online using Apps like GoToMeeting, Zoom or Skype. In addition to the live sessions, Online Learning With Live Sessions students will receive comprehensive tutor support through our support desk portal like online learning students. This mode of study is treated as a Full-time study, not as Online learning. School of Business & Technology London understands that choosing the right education institution is as important as the qualifications you gain. Thus, SBTL always takes a genuine interest in the needs of our students and believe that we can drive positive change for their future.

What comprehensive support you will get with Blended Learning?

SBTL continuously innovates and provides high-quality education to transform the skills, knowledge and understanding of our students to enhance their employability and enable them to compete successfully in the dynamic and ever-changing business world. Blended Learning students at SBTL will receive the following support.

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Dedicated Tutor Support

At the School of Business and Technology London, we offer compressive tutor support throughout your learning journey. All our tutors possess significant years of experience in the relevant subject area and are approved by awarding bodies. Our dedicated tutors provide comprehensive support through our Support Desk Portal. The tutor support includes but is not limited to formative and summative assessment feedback, guidance on completing each unit, and advice about presentation on your assignments, such as the title page, contents page, pagination, word count, footnoting, and referencing.

How many hours of live sessions will you receive with the Blended Learning?

The number of hours of live sessions for blended learning varies according to the course level you enrol. Please see the illustrative examples below.

Award Level

3 Hours

Certificate Level

6 Hours

Diploma Level-

10 Hours

Extended Diploma

12 Hours

What are the significant advantages of our Blended Learning programs?

  • Online Live Sessions
  • Greater flexibility and convenience.
  • Learners are more likely to interact with the supervisor since live sessions offer several opportunities. As a result, learners develop themselves as they conduct extensive course research.
  • Learners get access to unlimited up-to-date resources available in the Learning Management Platform.
  • Highest level of student success compared to traditional face-to-face and online learning.
  • Learners often develop or enhance skills in time management, critical thinking, and problem-solving.
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