Blended Learning

SBL strategically and conveniently employ Blended Learning, where web-based learning using hybrid-teaching technology replaces a portion of the traditional face-to-face instruction. This mode of study is treated as a Full-time study, not as Online or Distance learning. School of Business London understands that choosing the right education institution is as important as the qualifications you gain. Thus, SBL always takes a genuine interest in the needs of our students, and believe that we can drive positive change for their future.

What comprehensive supports do you get from our Blended Learning?

SBL continuously innovates and provides high-quality education to transform the skills, knowledge and understanding of our students in order to enhance their employability and enable them to compete successfully in the dynamic and ever-changing business world. SBL is dedicated to providing an infrastructure and strategically and conveniently employ Blended Learning, where a portion of the traditional face-to-face instruction is replaced by web-based learning using hybrid-teaching technology, all of which are necessary for meaningful, sustainable, disruptive transformation. Furthermore, we are dedicated to understanding our student’s needs and aim to assist them in realising and achieving their professional goals.

  • Allocated Supervisor/tutor
  • Live Chat
  • E-Library
  • Virtual Learning Environment Platform
  • Mintel
  • Assessment Resources
  • Assessment Guidelines
  • Comprehensive Module Guidelines
  • Evaluation Samples

The Allocated Supervisor Will:

  • Provide you with comprehensive guidance and support from start to finish your course
  • Offer guidance on the proposed structure.
  • Discuss the progress of your works with you during the course.
  • Require you to produce drafts of sections or chapters for your assignments and dissertation.
  • Offer feedback on some of your drafts, which you can then revise.
  • Advise you about matters of presentation, such as the title page, contents page, pagination, footnoting and Harvard Referencing.

The significant advantages of our Blended Learning programme

  • Treated as a Full-time study, not Online or Distance learning. Therefore, Learners get full-time study certificates.
  • Greater Flexibility, Freedom and Convenience.
  • Learners are more likely to interact with the supervisor since there are several opportunities to do so through Live Webinar, Live Chat and Email. As an outcome of this learners develop themselves as they carry out extensive research as part of the course.
  • Learners get access to unlimited up-to-date resources available in the Learning Management Platform.
  • Highest level of students’ success compared to traditional face-to-face and online learning.
  • Learners often develop or enhance skills in time management, critical thinking, and problem-solving.
  • Students enjoy increased success as measured by fewer course withdrawals and somewhat higher grades.
  • Learners can participate in discussions in which they feel more comfortable.
  • Learners have more time to reflect and refer to the relevant course and other research materials when working and writing which significantly improves the research skills of students.
  • Learners get typically have 24/7 access to course materials.
  • Students always receive more feedback, and more frequent feedback, from their supervisors.

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