Common Misconceptions About Consulting You Shouldn’t Believe!!!

Many graduates and professionals from other industries come knocking on doors of the consulting industry. Mostly because of the vast career opportunities and alluring career. There tend to be several myths and misconceptions about consulting; some of the common are:

Long work hours

It is a common belief that consultants work crazy hours which is only partially true. There might be some projects that require a lot of extra hours in the office and others which are short-term. As a consultant, you are in charge of yourself, so it’s up to you to have required work-life balance.

Needs to be an expert

It isn’t necessary to be an expert. You only need to have knowledge that will help a customer. And there are lots of entry-level consultant jobs if you want to work for a firm and gain experience. With prior experience, you can work as an independent consultant.

Only essential for an incapable organisation

Many people believe consultants are only necessary when your organisation is short-staffed, lack expertise or incapable. It isn’t true. Sometimes, organisations with solid team require an objective, multi-industry and multi-disciplinary view for projects. Consulting provides the much-needed different views and objectives from simple to complex projects.

No choice regarding work location

It is not true. Your choice in projects, location and clients – depends on The two key factors that depend on your choice in projects, work location, and clients are your performance on previous projects and experience. But even the worst-performing, most junior-level consultants can sway staffing decisions in their favour.

Consultants get a diversity of work assignments. They also get a chance to make substantial personal contributions to important client projects, thereby, building reputation. Obtaining a certification in professional consulting from a reputed institution such as CMI is no doubt beneficial for a consultant. Those who thrive on challenge, problem-solving, and working with people find consulting as a gratifying career choice.

Interested in consulting?

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