Crucial Leadership Qualities You Need During Pandemic


In this extraordinary COVID-19 pandemic, the whole world is going through a crisis. To go against the flow and keep your business intact in the process, managers and leaders need to maintain the well-being, health and safety of employees. Organisations require strong leadership traits to restore and revive their business.

The crucial leadership qualities you need during this pandemic are:

  • Communication- Effective communication is required for proper operations in these tough times. Many organisations have chosen remote working as an option considering safety. In such cases, to ensure the smooth working video conference is the best choice.
  • Setting achievable goals- Leaders should constantly and consistently set achievable goals for their team. It is not possible to achieve goals at short time duration like before.
  • Handling stress and mental health- Leadership can play a significant role in helping a team deal with stress. Leaders need to be empathetic and understanding, allowing time for relaxation and meditation and practising option to work from home.
  • Be positive and sustain productivity- A leader’s positivity will affect their team, potentially influencing their productivity and willingness to problem-solve.
  • Flexibility and adaptability- For the survival of the company, a leader needs to be flexible and adapt to the changes as there may be unexpected shut down like we experienced in this pandemic. 
  • Active listening- Active listening and understanding the situations is necessary. Listen to experts for further information.
  • Be empathetic- Understanding the situation and feeling empathy to your team is essential. To influence and motivate the team, you need the ability to connect with the team.

To tackle new challenges, a leader needs to be adaptable along with a set of values and skills. It is vital to learn, expand skills, and embrace positive change continuously. It can be achieved by getting trained in online management and leadership courses. For example, level 7 strategic management and leadership qualification from a reputed institution like CMI is highly beneficial.

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