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CMI Level 4 in Management and Leadership

The CMI level 4 course in Management and Leadership is designed for junior managers. It focuses on developing personal management skills, and grow professional management capabilities such as decision-making, managing team dynamics and delegation competence.

The Level-4 CMI Management and Leadership have 3 levels such as Award, Certificate and Diploma.
Award: The Level 4 Award in Management and Leadership will broaden your knowledge of the roles and responsibilities which are required in management and leadership.
Certificate: Our CMI Level 4 Certificate in Management and Leadership is a more extensive qualification which will help you develop the skills that are needed to be an effective manager by focusing on leadership areas appropriate to you and your workplace.
Diploma: Our CMI Level 4 Diploma in Management and Leadership which has a more comprehensive structure, will give you all the necessary skills and competencies that are needed to become a manager.

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