Master of Business Administration (Top Up) Inclusive of Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

Master of Business Administration (Top Up) Inclusive of Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership


11 Months

Start Date

February , June and September


The Master of Business Administration is a prestigious postgraduate qualification that is highly valued by leading employers. The programme is designed to enhance the strategic thinking and decision-making of business managers and develop their critical understanding of business management.

This course covers the core sectors in the business field which includes entrepreneurship, marketing, accounting, statistics, finance, business ethics, business law, managerial economics, business strategy and analysis, operations, administration and communication. This program qualified from UK business schools are well acknowledged and globally respected as it dominates in critical thinking and research. MBA can also help you specialise in a new industry you want to move to, or in your current sector.

This professional qualification improves the chances of progression in a career path. This qualification helps the learner to oversee, supervise and allocate the operations in a business firm. The aims of the program are to make the candidate capable of understanding the functional aspects of a company and of acquiring the skills for communication and decision making.

The program comprised of two phases; the first phase is the Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership awarded by Qualifi, an Ofqual regulated awarding body. The second phase is the Master of Business Administration Top awarded by the Anglia Ruskin University. School of Business London works in partnership with Chestnut Education Group to promote the MBA Top Up program.

About Anglia Ruskin University

Anglia Ruskin University began in 1858 as the Cambridge School of Art founded by William Beaumont. It was then merged with the Cambridge shire College of Arts and Technology and the Essex Institute of Higher Education and was renamed Anglia Polytechnic. It was then given university status in 1992 and renamed Anglia Ruskin University in 2005. The university has campuses in UK (Cambridge, Chelmsford, London and Peterborough), as well as they are partnered with institutions around the world including Berlin, Budapest, Trinidad, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

About Qualifi

QUALIFI, recognised by Ofqual awarding organisation has assembled a reputation for maintaining significant skills in a wide range of job roles and industries which comprises Leadership, Hospitality & Catering, Health and Social Care, Enterprise and Management, Process Outsourcing and Public Services. QUALIFI has been recognised by the Qualifications in Wales (QiW) and the CCEA (in full). They are liable for awarding organisations and thereby ensuring quality assurance in Wales and Northern Ireland.

Entry Requirements

  • The primary requirement is to get through the interview, and they are expected to hold the following. Level 6 Qualification or; First Degree.
  • We also accommodate managers with significant years of experience even though they do not possess formal qualifications. The criteria for admission will be through an interview for those who are able to demonstrate the skills to cope with the demands of the course.
  • A good command of English (IELTS 6.0 or equivalent)


  • Time-constrained scenario-based assignments
  • No Examinations

Module Structure

Phase-I Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

  • Manage Team Performance to Support Strategy
  • Information Management and Strategic Decision Taking
  • Leading a Strategic Management Project
  • Strategic Direction
  • Strategic Planning
  • Development as a Strategic Manager
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Organisational Change Strategies

Phase-II MBA Top Up awarded by Anglia Ruskin University

As a part of the MBA (top up) programme, students are expected to complete 60 credits worth of studies, usually comprise of the following modules:

a. Marketing Planning (15 Credits)

Covering two themes, we’ll help you critically understand the practical tools, techniques, operations and processes involved in marketing. You’ll discover the marketing decisions on which effective marketing decisions and planning are based.

b. Finance for Decision Making (15 Credits)

Leaders require a comprehensive understanding of how financial considerations can influence decisions this module explores the financial factor and the techniques that might assist informed management decisions. It is assumed that you will have already acquired a knowledge of financial vocabulary, the concepts behind basic financial terminology and the financial statements. You will advance these skills by considering the availability of financial information that may be relevant to decision making, how they contribute to arriving at an informed decision, a review of the type of decision and differing requirements, leading to a more bespoke deliverable information set that meets the context of the decision.

c. Entrepreneurial Action (30 Credits)

Here you will undertake a major project that focuses on your understanding and execution of entrepreneurial management in an area of specific interest to your or your organisation, such as:

  • An applied or engaged research project
  • An enterprise consultancy project
  • Taking a new business proposition through to proof of concept

Career Progression

An MBA graduate can pursue a fruitful career in many industries. MBA can open career opportunities in a wide array of sectors such as banking and financial services, investment banking, management consulting, insurance, hospitality, media, information technology (IT) and marketing. MBA is often a pathway to promotion, or a career change as you will gain professional reputation and develop essential skills in the sector one chooses to pursue.

Start dates

The Diploma programme has start date every month throughout the year.

The MBA Top Up programme has three start date in; February, June and September each year

During the MBA Top Up programme, students will have access to Anglia Ruskin University’s online study platform, extensive use of electronic learning resources, access to the university’s student’s union and other services.

Fees and Funding

To know about the course fee, please get in touch with us at:

[email protected]