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Online Learning at SBTL

We at the School of Business and Technology London follow an innovative approach to offer immersive learning experiences to our learners. Indeed, we have taken distance education to a new phase where the support level is incredibly high with our dedicated built-in Support Desk Portal. Nowadays, convenience, flexibility and user- friendliness outweigh demands. Today, the transition from traditional classroom- based learning to online platforms is a significant result of these specifications. In this context, our online learning plays a crucial role by leveraging the opportunities for convenience and flexible access with comprehensive support. Our online learning benefits the people who want to enhance their career, life and education in parallel streams. Our simplified online learning facilitates learners to achieve high career growth without stress and dilemmas.

Dedicated Tutor Support

At the School of Business and Technology London, we offer compressive tutor support throughout your learning journey. All our tutors possess significant years of experience in the relevant subject area and are approved by awarding bodies. Our dedicated tutors provide comprehensive support through our Support Desk Portal. The tutor support includes but is not limited to formative and summative assessment feedback, guidance on completing each unit, and advice about presentation on your assignments, such as the title page, contents page, pagination, word count, footnoting, and referencing.

Support Desk Team

School of Business and Technology London occupies a centralised, built-in Tutor Support Desk portal, through which our support desk team liaises with tutors and learners to provide guidance, assessment feedback, and any other study support adequately and promptly. Once a learner raises a support request through the support desk portal (Be it for guidance, assessment feedback or any additional assistance), one of the support team members assigns the relevant request to an allocated tutor. The support will be made available to the learner in the portal as soon as the support receives a response from the allocated tutor. The support desk system is in place to assist the learners adequately and to streamline all the support processes efficiently. The Support Desk Team ensures that all your support requests are answered within the timeline, making you stress-free. Besides, you can schedule a virtual meeting with our Support Desk team whenever required.

How are we different?

At the School of Business and Technology London, we deploy a cutting-edge Learning Management System with a built-in Support Desk Portal where learners can pursue accredited online education with a simplified process. We focus on conferring utmost flexibility on you for schedules and accessibility; the learner decides when and how to study. We offer an advanced and proficient course portfolio that meets global professional needs. You can accomplish your qualification at your own pace, and you don't need to put your life on hold to get qualified.

Quality Learning Resources

At the School of Business and Technology London, we offer rich resources through our Learning Management System. The learning resources are developed by qualified and approved tutors. The learning resources include pathway books, guidelines, and study guides. Learning Resources are provided in PDFs, videos, and PowerPoint formats.
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