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MBA (Top-Up) inclusive of Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

With minimum entry requirements, obtain well-reputed MBA. This course is specially designed for the applicants who are getting ready to occupy more management oriented roles in the workplace. On a case by case basis, advanced entry is offered to the applicants with A Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma* or the applicants without A Level 7 Diploma but possess relevant experience on management. In another way, our MBA course offers you an opportunity to upgrade your knowledge on management and provides you with a potential profile for enhancing career opportunities.

This programme is a two-step process. First students must successfully complete the Qualifi Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership. Then on, students will be accepted into the MBA (Top-Up) programme awarded by Anglia Ruskin University.

As part of this programme, students have an option to attend a Dissertation Workshop in Central London delivered by London School of Marketing. This workshop of 5 days enables you to work with other students and have the opportunity to ask the lecturer any question you may have that may help with your overall success.

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