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QUALIFI-Level-2 Diploma in Cyber Security Management & Operations

The method of study adopted for the Cyber security courses programme is intended to guide the learners who wish to enhance their core capacities within cyber security field. The result of the Cyber Security Diploma, which is an accepted UK qualification, is for the aspirants to expertise the skills needed by organisations worldwide. All the programmes are designed to provide learning based on concepts and practical insights that are necessary for the companies of present and future. Apart from this, we are looking forward to build up efficient team leaders, managers and leaders through the invention and delivery of learning that are required for industry.

    The qualification will:
  • Train students for employment; and
  • Provide support to carry out a wide range of roles in the working environment.

These Cyber security courses qualification is meant for executives and leaders of the firm who are intended to attain business sustainability, profitability, security and safety. Employees are accountable for colleagues’ and customer- data located across diverse business environments. The qualification will integrate culturally diverse concerns that are critical for those handling protection of business people, assets and infrastructure. It favours to spot, assess and protect people and data against the threats due to cyber attacks and associated forces. Open source information like websites, specialist books, journals, manuals, news articles, guidance, International Standards, court documents is available for performing researches to identify the issues related to cyber attacks. The prime aim of the cyber security courses qualification is to protect confidential documents like business revenues, premises as well as business travellers.

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