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Why Study at SBTL?

We at the School of Business and Technology London continuously innovates and provides high-quality education to transform our students' skills, knowledge and understanding to enhance their employability and enable them to compete successfully in the dynamic and ever-changing business world. We are committed to providing an infrastructure and offering immersive learning experiences to our learners globally.

Global Reach

We embrace an innovative learning approach and offer immersive learning experience. We uphold our motto, "Learning Without Boundaries", and deliver qualifications worldwide through blended and online learning. To facilitate this, we have set up many Regional Access Partners globally, where students can get local administrative support.

Wide Range of Programmes

We offer diverse and wide ranges of programmes, including regulated, unregulated and degree top-up programmes. We currently offer qualifications in over 45 subject categories and continuously add more categories to our qualifications portfolio.

Accredited Qualifications

The qualifications offered at the School of Business and Technology London are mostly UK-accredited and internationally recognised. Whether you are studying online or blended, our programs are viable options for all learners.

Online & Blended Learning

We are keen to offer flexible and immersive learning experiences to our learners; therefore, we deliver qualifications through online and blended learning methods. We embrace cutting-edge learning management systems (LMS) with a built-in Support Desk Portal to deliver our qualifications.

Dedicated Tutor Support

With our online and blended learning, you will receive comprehensive and dedicated tutor support at every step of your learning journey at the School of Business and Technology London. Upon your enrolment with us, you will be allocated to a tutor and offered thorough guidance, support and feedback on your assessments, presentations and learning outcomes.

Great Success Rate

We offer our learners innovative and immersive learning experiences and maintain a 91% success rate with a 94% completion rate.

Trusted by Finest

Our clients make us who we are today, and it is reflected in our actions and commitments. We are fortunate to have enrolled learners from many outstanding public and private organisations across the globe. We are pleased to know that they continually enrol their employees at SBTL as part of their employees' training and development. We are dedicated to offering top-quality education while upholding values and ethics.
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